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Card Controls

Stay in control of all your 1st United debit or credit cards anytime, anywhere.

Manage On the Go with Card Controls

The 1st United Card Controls app is a robust companion to our mobile banking app, enabling you to manage your 1st United cards when and how you want. 

1st United Card Controls App Features


Caution sign
Turn your card on/off
in real-time if your card
is lost or stolen.

Two credit cards
Set spending limits
and get alerted when limits
exceed the threshold.

Two credit cards
Add custom alerts
to monitor your transactions
and protect your cards.

Two credit cards
Add a travel notification
 so you can enjoy
uninterrupted service.

Two credit cards
Link your cards
for contactless payments
on your smartphone.

Visa Services 
(833) 285-1738
  • Visa credit/debit PIN by phone
  • Report lost/stolen Visa

Card management menu

Download the Card Controls App

Simply search "1st United Card Controls" in your app store or tap below.

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Card Controls FAQs

Use the Card Controls app in addition to our mobile banking app to get the most benefit out of your card. The Card Controls app gives you real-time control over your 1st United cards so that you can protect your accounts against fraud and manage your finances better. 

The features include:
  • Turn your debit card or credit card on and off with a flip of a switch if your card is lost or stolen.
  • Set transaction limit and get alerted when card transactions are not within your guidelines.
  • Set custom alerts to monitor your transactions and protect your cards.
  • Add a travel notification and prevent your card from being blocked while traveling.
  • Link your cards for contactless payments on your smartphone.
  • And more!

The app supports iPhone devices running the iOS 7 operating system and above, and supports Android devices running the operating systems version 4.4 (i.e. KitKat) and above.

On the login screen of the app, tap the Forgot username/password link. Follow the prompts to reset your username or password.

Note: For security reasons, call center representatives will not be able to reset your password.

On the main dashboard, tap the Link Card icon. A list of options will display depending on the device you have. Choose where you would like to link your card and follow the prompts to complete the linking. If you choose Click to Pay, your card will link directly in the Card Controls App. Wherever Click to Pay options are available, your linked card will appear as a payment option to use.

Note: The Click to Pay option will still show on the list of options under Link Card even though you have already added it. To confirm that Click to Pay has been added, you’ll receive an email that your card has been updated for Visa Click to Pay.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay must be installed on your device for it to appear as a linking option.

To manage your user account information, go to the menu bar and select Settings then User Profile. This is where you can change your password, email address, and mobile phone number associated with your Card Controls app.

To suspend or reactivate your card, select the Card Controls icon on the main dashboard then use the toggle button to turn your card off or on.  You can also reactivate your suspended card by tapping the Reactivate button placed over your card on the main dashboard.

If your replacement card has the same number, there’s no need to delete the old card information from the app. Simply, tap the Manage Card icon on the main dashboard then select Review Card Details to update the CVV2 and expiration date.

You will need to enroll the new debit/credit card in the app by tapping the + button at the top right corner of the main dashboard. Follow the prompts to add the new card. Once you’ve completed the prompts, your new card will appear on the app main dashboard.

To enable Face ID or Touch ID to log into the app, go to the menu bar and select Settings and turn the switch on for Use Face ID/Use Touch ID.

If you have an issue using the app, contact (855) 333-1065 for assistance.

If you have an issue related to your card, contact (800) 649-0193 for assistance.

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