How to Use Card Controls

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Our Card Controls app is a companion to the 1st United mobile banking app, giving you additional options for managing your credit and debit cards. These how-to guides will help you to get started.
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How to Enroll

You will have the option to Enroll by Card if you have the card details including card number, 3-digital security code, expiration date, etc.
Steps to Enroll by Card
Use this enrollment method if you have your card details.

sign up options screen

  • Download the 1st United Card Controls app from the app store and tap Sign up, then select Enroll by Card.
  • Enter the card number and expiration date. Click Continue.
  • Complete the profile form by entering your name, email address, and selecting a username and password.  (See username & password rules below.)
  • Read the Terms and Conditions and check the box to accept. Tap Continue.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your email. Click Continue.
  • Verify your card number and expiration date carried over correctly. Enter the additional card details including 3-digit security code, a Card Nickname (optional), and your billing address.
  • Tap Add Card. A welcome message appears, confirming the app enrollment was successful. Tap Got it.

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Adding or Activating Additional Cards

Add or activate additional cards and set your PIN number. 

main menu with activate card highlighted   activate card menu screen

  • Log in and tap Activate Card from the left navigation or tap Activate Card from the app welcome screen.
  • Enter the card details and click Continue.
  • Enter the requested information to verify your identity. Tap Activate Card.
  • You will be prompted to create a PIN numbers. Enter the PIN twice and tap Set.
  • If you haven't created an account yet, you will be prompted to enroll.

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Setting Alerts

Through your Card Controls app, you can create additional alerts that are delivered by push notification, email, or text.

dashboard / alerts

  • Tap the Alerts icon from the dashboard.
  • Tap the alert to be enabled. Only one alert type will be sent for a
    qualifying transaction. 

    • Transaction Amount – a transaction above a specific amount is performed.
    • Card Not Present – notifies you when a transaction is performed without the physical card being presented, such as online or by phone.
    • International – an international transaction is performed.
    • Declined – the card is declined.
    • Gas Station – a gas station transaction is performed.
    • ATM Withdrawals – the card was used for an ATM cash withdrawal.
    • Account Credit – a credit is made to the account.

  • Select the desired delivery methods (email, text message, or push notification).
  • Tap Save.
alert options screen

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Turn a Card On/Off

Whether you've misplaced your card, had it stolen, or just want to be sure it doesn't get used, you have control of switching your card on and off.

dashboard / card controls card control options screen

  • Log in and tap Card Controls from the dashboard.
  • Slide the toggle so that it appears green. All transactions attempted on a suspended card will be declined.

    • If you only want to restrict specific transactions only, enter a transaction amount, or check Decline ATM Transaction, Decline International Transactions, or Decline Online Transactions.

    • Click Save.
    • To reactivate a card, slide the toggle so it appears grey and the lock icon is open.

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Link Cards to Mobile Wallet

Link your card from the Card Controls app to Apply Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Click to Pay directly from the app.

dashboard / link card

  • Log in and tap Link Card from the dashboard.
  • Tap the appropriate mobile wallet you will be using (Apple Pay, Google Play, or Samsung Pay) or Click to Pay, then Add to Wallet.
  • Agree to the Your info will be shared with Apple/Google/Samsung Wallet and any other Issuer Terms.
  • For IOS, you will have the option to choose which device's wallet you are adding the card to. Tap Next.
  • Select whether the card should be the default card.
  • A message displays if the card is successfully added to the wallet.

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Travel Notifications

Let us know when you'll be using your credit or debit cards outside of your typical spending patterns or outside of the area.

dashboard / travel notices   trip details screen

  • Select Travel Notices from the dashboard
  • Click Add Destination and enter the destinations you are traveling to and enter your travel dates. 
  • Save Trip.
You can come back at any time to edit or delete your trips.

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More App Features

dashboard / manage card

Within the Card Controls app, you have access to additional features including:

View Card Numbers: Once you are verified, you can view your full card number, expiration date, and security code from within the app. Select Manage Card from the dashboard, then Card Number to get started.

Manage PIN: Within the Card Controls app, you can set and change your PIN. Select Manage Card from the dashboard, then Manage Pin

Delete Card: Click Manage Card then Delete Card to remove a card from the app.
manage card menu