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Account Alerts

Manage and protect your accounts with real-time alerts

Stay in the know

Account alerts are one of the best ways to prevent fraud and stay informed about your accounts. They are quick to set up, can be customized specifically to your needs, and you can receive them by text, email, or in-app message.

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Account Alerts

Stay updated on balance information, transactions, payment due dates, password or email changes, and more.

Log in and select the account you'd like to set up, then click Alert preferences.

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Fraud Alerts

Notifies you if suspicious activity is detected using your card. If you don't recognize the transaction, we'll block your card. If you do, your card will remain available for use.

You will automatically receive this valuable protection. To opt out, simply reply STOP or contact us.

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Visa Purchase Alerts

Visa lets you know when your card reaches a spending limit or is used outside the U.S. or for an online purchase.

Alerts help prevent fraud. Check out our video.

Protecting your money is our priority

Scammers will go to any length to obtain your account information or to steal your identity. Be aware and stay prepared to lessen the chances of falling victim to identity theft.

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