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Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP)

GAP offers an additional measure of family security and peace-of-mind by reducing the financial burden that may be incurred if your vehicle is stolen or totaled. Additionally, GAP prevents the deficiency loan balance from being added to a new loan in the event of a total loss, and serves to protect your credit rating. If you held your original auto loan with 1st United, and financed your replacement vehicle with us, GAP will also provide an additional $1,000 towards that loan. GAP can be purchased at a low, one-time cost.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP)

Your vehicle is a major investment. That's why purchasing mechanical breakdown protection (MBP) is a wise choice. MBP can help ensure that the investment in your vehicle is protected, and reduces the possibility of out-of-pocket expenses if your vehicle has an unexpected mechanical failure. Most important of all, mechanical breakdown protection provides peace of mind so you can experience worry-free driving.

  • Nationwide protection
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance for the term of your coverage
  • Rental vehicle assistance
  • Transferable coverage if you sell your vehicle before your agreement expires

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