Ditch the Resolutions and Get Real With Your Finances

New year, new you! This seems to be the mantra this time of year. Although resolutions are a great way to reset your year, they’re often forgotten by spring and typically vague in nature. Rather than focusing on promises to yourself such as “save money,” why not build measurable, achievable goals that help to hold you accountable for your financial success all year long.


“SMART” goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. Establishing small, attainable targets helps you chip away at a larger goal. With your 1st United Money Manager, you can create SMART savings or debt payoff goals and receive text and email alerts as you make progress – keeping you informed and motivated along the way. Each goal can be attached to a specific checking or savings account (even those from an outside bank or credit union) so you always have real-time tracking.

It's easy

Whether you are paying off debt or saving for a vacation, setting goals may be the best decision you make all season! And we've made sure doing it is easy. Here’s how:
  • Log in to online or mobile banking
  • Select Other Services > Money Manager
  • From the goal dashboard, select Add a Goal
  • Choose a pay off or savings goal and fill in the required information
  • Click Create to complete the process of adding a new goal

One last tip

You may want to consider opening multiple savings or money market accounts for different goals. One could be for vacation, another saving for a home. This way, you can separate your money and better track your progress.

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