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What is a Fixed Index Annuity?

1st United Credit Union understands that investing can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where we come in. Your Credit Union has contracted with CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS) to help you optimize and improve your savings strategy.

We have met with many members who have found that fixed index annuities can be a good solution when creating a diversified portfolio. A fixed index annuity is an agreement between you and an insurance company. Fixed Index Annuities are long-term financial products designed for retirement purposes. Earning potential is based on market performance, without the risk to principal, when contract requirements are followed.

The return on a fixed index annuity is typically tied to a percentage of the return of a stock market index, like the S&P 500. They typically earn a minimum interest rate, but are capped at a maximum rate.

A fixed annuity could be a good fit for you because:

  • There are no negative returns, even when the market is down.
  • The guaranteed minimum account value is applied at the end of the term.
  • Additional features such as guaranteed income options, reallocation opportunities and liquidity options may also be available.
If you think a fixed index annuity may be a fit for you and would like to learn more, simply call us. We can chat or set up a complimentary appointment at any 1st United branch.

If you’re not in the market for a fixed annuity, we can also help with other forms of retirement planning, estate planning, income planning, long-term care planning, life insurance, college funding and more.

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