Two Reasons to Update Your Web Browser

Do you know which web browser you are using to view this article? If you are tech-savvy, you’ll know it’s Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, to name a few. If you are like many others, you might recall that you clicked on the big blue “e” on your desktop (Internet Explorer) or the “compass icon” (Safari) and, beyond that, web browser information is a total mystery.
Even if you don’t know the name of your browser, it’s important to ensure that you are using the latest version available. Here are two (of many) important reasons why you should be using an up-to-date web browser.

1. Security

As technology evolves, so do the abilities of cyber criminals who create spyware and viruses that infect your computer and steal your private information, such as usernames and passwords. The people who develop browsers stay abreast of these threats and update browser security settings to combat these dangers. However, they don’t update older versions, putting you at risk.
Because online security is one of our biggest concerns, 1st United only supports the three latest versions of most browsers. If you are using one older than this, you will likely not be able to access your online banking until your browser is brought current.

2. Performance

Websites today are built with newer technologies that provide optimal viewing and interaction for the device you are using (computer, mobile, or tablet). Older browsers typically do not have the capability of supporting these advances which means, you may experience some performance issues. Updating your browser will allow you to have a better online experience; for example, photos will load faster and web pages will respond quicker.

Update your browser

If you find that you are having difficulty accessing websites you’ve had no trouble viewing before, it could be an out-of-date browser issue. Take a moment to update your browser using the links below. If you need assistance, you may contact the technical support team where you purchased your computer.