Secure Access Codes & Cookies

The first time you log in to online or mobile banking from a new device, you will be asked to enter a secure access code. This code is a randomly generated number that’s delivered to you by text, phone call, or email. The code is a security feature to protect your account and helps identify that it’s really you.

If you are continuing to be asked to enter a new code every time you log in and you want to avoid this step, there are a couple things you can do to fix this.

Register device

The first thing you’ll want to do is select the Register This Device option after you enter your secure access code. This will place a cookie on your computer or device to help us remember that it’s you. The next time you log in, you won’t be asked for the code.

Avoid private or incognito mode

Using private or incognito mode with your web browser will cause your browser session cookies to be deleted upon exit, even if you register the device you are using.  Without the cookie, you will be prompted to enter a secure access code the next time you log in.

Check cookie settings

If you selected Register This Device and are asked for a code again, it’s likely because your cookies were cleared either manually by you or automatically by a setting on your web browser. Here’s a good article that explains how to check your cookie settings and control which cookies to keep or delete.  If you update the setting so that your 1st United cookie is not cleared, you’ll bypass the secure access code the next time you log in.

Get help

If you have gone through both steps and are still having trouble, please feel free to stop by a branch or call us and we can help.