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Creating a Diverse and Disciplined Investment Plan

1st United Credit Union understands that investing can be overwhelming and confusing. That’s where I come in. Your Credit Union has contracted with Osaic Institutions, Inc. to help you optimize and improve your savings strategy.

Investing basics

In times of volatile market fluctuations, it is a good idea to review the basic concepts of investing. Diversification and asset allocation are essential strategies during market instability, helping you manage risk and reduce volatility.

Diversification and asset allocation

Diversification is an investment strategy of combining a variety of different types of investments. Asset allocation is an investment strategy that spreads your investments across different asset classes.

In combination, these portfolio strategies can help to reduce the risk of market fluctuations. As some assets’ and investment values may go down, others may go up and offset losses. Diversification and asset allocation allow for a more consistent performance through a wide range of economic conditions.

No one mix of assets is right for everyone all the time, but working with a financial professional can help you to choose the appropriate mix for your goals and investment needs.

Who can help

If you think it may be the time for a complimentary investment consultation, simply call me at (925) 598-4718. We can review your portfolio together and check to see if you are properly diversified. You can also decide if your current portfolio still matches with your long-term goals.

I can also help with other forms of retirement planning, estate planning, income planning, long-term care planning, life insurance, college funding and more. I’m available to meet you at any of the 1st United branches.

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