Consolidating Retirement Accounts

If you have IRAs or 401(k) accounts in different places, it may make sense for you to roll them over into one IRA.* Aside from making your life simpler and more convenient, consolidating accounts into one account could be beneficial. Here are just a few:

Better management of assets

Having just one account to keep track oaf makes managing your investment performance much simpler.

Potentially better returns

Consolidating allows you to make your investments better work together because you have more control of your strategy. Additionally, with a 401(k) account, you may be limited in your investment options to those that the account administrator offers; with an IRA, you are given a wider range of investment options.

Reduce fees and commissions

With multiple accounts, you may be charged broker fees for each. Moving everything under one roof could potentially lower your costs and grant you a fee reduction depending on your holding size.

The benefit of one advisor

Having everything under one roof gives you the benefit of having one financial advisor guiding all your invested dollars.

Before you decide to move anything, you should talk with a financial advisor to ensure it’s the best approach for you as well as to avoid any mistakes that may cause a tax issue. As the Osaic Institutions, Inc.* financial advisor at 1st United Credit Union, Rahil can answer questions about consolidating retirement accounts and help provide direction on what’s best for you. Give him a call at (925) 598-4718 or schedule an appointment today.

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