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Certificate Rates

Fixed-Rate Regular & IRA Certificates

Balance Type Rate APY
$250 6 month 0.250% 0.25% APY
$250 12 month 0.450% 0.45% APY
$250 24 month 0.499% 0.50% APY
$250 36 month bump 0.698% 0.70% APY
$250 48 month bump 0.798% 0.80% APY
$250 60 month bump 0.996% 1.00% APY
$250 84 month bump 1.095% 1.10% APY
$25 (Youth, ages 17 and under)* 12 months 0.450% 0.45% APY

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APY (Annual Percentage Yield) as of May 2, 2022, and is subject to change. A penalty may be charged for early withdrawal. One-Time Bump: If your rate has a bump feature and we advertise a higher rate on the same certificate type and term, you can request to move your certificate to the new rate. Withdrawal: allows a penalty-free withdrawal of your interest at any time. Add-On: If your certificate has an add-on feature, add-ons are limited to $10,000 through the duration of the certificate. IRA certificate add-ons are subject to limits set by the IRS. Dividends will be compounded and credited monthly and at maturity. Standard certificates: Dividends paid monthly based on average daily balance.

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