Navigating Today's Rate Environment

Learn how rate changes could affect you.

5 FICO Score Myths

Understanding FICO® Scores is key to building good credit.

1st United Credit Union Reminds Consumers to Review Credit Report

Monitoring a credit report is like a health checkup – but for your finances.

Baby Steps to Better Credit

If your credit report or credit score aren’t working in your favor, now’s the time to take action.

Personal Loan Rates

Type APR
Personal Line of Credit 12.90% APR
Personal Loan 9.90% APR

Credit Card Rates

Type APR
Visa Platinum 10.65% APR
Visa Platinum Rewards 11.65% APR

View Your FICO® Score

Your FICO® Score is a great way to understand your credit. That's why we offer this valuable information to 1st United members – free! 

Each quarter, 1st United members have access to their FICO® Score along with the following:

  • Free access to their FICO® Score
  • Key factors that affected their FICO® Score
  • Educational content on FICO® Scores and more

FICO® Scores can be viewed on your quarter-end statement or by signing in to online banking and clicking Statements & Notices from the main menu.

Understanding Your Credit Report

What is a FICO® Score?

What Goes Into FICO® Scores?

How Lenders Use FICO® Scores

Frequently Asked Questions about FICO® Scores

Visa Credit Cards

0% APR for six months
on purchases & balance transfers

Credit 101: What Makes Up a Credit Score

Learn the five key categories that make up your credit score.