July 1, 2019

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Due to a recent conversion to a new Visa processor, members may be experiencing debit card PIN issues and/or may now have access to only their primary savings and checking accounts at ATMs. 

PIN Issues 

Members are intermittently receiving an “incorrect PIN” notification when attempting to use their debit cards at ATMs or to make purchases. This is due to a process communication error - your cards are secure and there is no cause for concern. 

To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend you reset your PIN. Simply call (800) 649-0193 and choose Option 4, then follow the prompts to reset your PIN by phone.  If you prefer to keep your same PIN, you may re-enter it as the new PIN when you call.

ATM Account Access 

The ability to make deposits and payments at the ATM to accounts other than your primary checking or savings account is temporarily unavailable.  We expect full functionality to be restored by late summer. 

There are several ways to makes deposits and payments to your accounts:

  • Deposits – Take advantage of our mobile app to deposit checks to your accounts or to transfer money to your certificates. Mobile deposit directly to certificate accounts is coming soon. If you need to deposit cash, please visit your local branch
  • Payments – There are several ways you can make loan and credit card payments including mobile deposit, automated payments, and bill pay from another financial institution. Learn more about each of these options at 1stunitedcu.org/loanpayments.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have questions, please contact us