June 12, 2019

Now Available!

Apple watch users can now conveniently check their accounts (up to 10) and view up to 10 transactions on each while on the go.

Now that's simpler, faster and friendlier!

Installing the App

  • Install the 1st United mobile app and click Enroll from the app home page, if you haven't already done so
  • Within the mobile app, click Settings and select Apple Watch
  • Turn the Apple Watch setting to On
  • Visit the My Watch page in your Apple Watch app; 1st United should appear in the Available Apps section; tap install

Using the App

  • Refresh account balances by holding down on the Apple Watch screen and click Refresh Accounts
  • Scroll between accounts by swiping left and right
  • Access account history by tapping on an account
  • Scroll through transactions by swiping up or down or use dial on apple watch