April 14, 2020

Mobile banking has been available for many years and continues to evolve, offering our members a convenient way to bank. With the 1st United mobile app and your smartphone, you can make deposits, transfer money, and pay your loans from anywhere. Plus, with your phone’s mobile wallet such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can pay for things without making contact with or passing your card to another person.

With the need for social distancing, members are seeing how beneficial mobile banking can be more than ever. In the past month alone, we’ve seen an increase of 180 percent in the number of members making mobile deposits for the first time. Here are three ways you can utilize mobile banking, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis.

Deposit checks

A common reason members visit the branch or an ATM is to deposit a check. With mobile deposit, you can deposit checks without needing to visit a branch or touch an ATM – both essential for COVID-19 social distancing. Simply install the 1st United app, log in (or click Enroll if it’s your first time), and select Mobile Deposit. You will be prompted to install a second app called DeposZip. Once installed, you can quickly and easily snap a picture of the check and deposit it into your account, or apply the amount to a loan or credit card as a payment. The mobile deposit app stores an image of the check for future reference, too.

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Make loan payments

Many members visit the branch to make credit card, loan, or mortgage payments. With the 1st United app and your smartphone, you can make your loan payment from home. There are three ways to accomplish this:

OPTION 1: Log in to your account and click Make Payment, then click Loan Payment to pay using funds from your checking account, savings account, or an account from another financial institution

OPTION 2: If you prefer to have your loan payment paid automatically each month, simply log in to your account and click Make Payment, then Automated Payment. Setup is easy, and you'll never miss a payment.

OPTION 3: Make your loan payment using mobile deposit. Log in and select Mobile Deposit. Simply make the check out to yourself and select the loan or credit card account to deposit the check to.

Pay without contact

If you are concerned about passing your credit card during checkout, you may want to consider using mobile wallet. Also known as “tap” payments, mobile wallet allows you to hover your smartphone over a contactless-enabled payment terminal rather than needing to swipe or insert your card. Newer phones already have Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or Apple Pay installed – simply add your 1st United debit or credit card information to the mobile wallet, and follow the steps on the payment terminal to check out. Not only do you avoid passing your card with mobile wallet, it’s a safer way to pay because the transaction tokenizes and masks your payment information.

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If you are new to using mobile banking, no worries. We have plenty of help available to teach you about the functionality, including how-to videos and an online user guide. Plus, our member service representatives are available to walk you through the steps via the phone.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile banking is an excellent alternative to banking in person. We are confident that once you start using mobile banking, you’ll find it to be simple. We remain available to assist you now and in the future.