February 28, 2020

Financial account alerts are one of the best ways to prevent fraud and stay informed about your accounts; however, many consumers still are not taking full advantage of them. Account alerts are fast, can be customized specifically to your needs and can be sent by text, email, or phone. Here are five account alerts we recommend setting up today:

Fraud Text Alerts – If we identify a potentially fraudulent debit or credit card transaction, we will text you immediately and ask you to confirm if it was you. If you text back that it wasn’t you, we will suspend your card. If it was you, your card will remain available for use.  

Balance Alert – There are two ways to use balance alerts. The first is to notify you if your account balance is nearing a low number or at risk of an overdraft. The second is to set a high balance alert, which is useful if you are expecting a large deposit or transfer to come through.

Spending Alert – This type of alert can be useful to keep track of spending if you have a joint account or as a way to ensure only you are using your card. You can create spending alerts for every transaction or just for larger transactions over a certain dollar limit. 

Check Posted Alert – Checks take longer to clear than debit or credit card transactions. Using an alert to track when a check clears can help you better manage your money. 

Visa Purchase Alerts – These additional alerts provided by Visa include international transaction notices and if your card is used for a purchase online or by phone. 

Profile or Password Changes – Protecting your personal information online is our top priority. That’s why we set this alert up for you already. Security alerts are important for every online account – especially bank accounts. Based on your delivery preferences, you will be notified by text or email if your password, address, phone number, email, or other profile information has been updated or if an online banking login was attempted and failed. If the account changes or password fails were you, you can disregard the notice. If they were not you, call us right away. You can manage your security alerts from within online or mobile banking.

Taking a few moments to set up alerts now will go a long way in helping you manage and protect your accounts. To get started, log in to online or mobile banking and select Manage Alerts from the main menu. If you need a little help, check out our how-to videos for creating account alertshistory alerts, and security alerts. You may also stop by a branch or give us a call – we are always happy to assist you.