November 13, 2017

You may now use your 1st United Visa debit and credit cards with Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. These apps allow you to make purchases using your smartphone or mobile device.


There are a few differences between the three mobile wallet options and you’ll choose your app based on your phone type. Here’s what you need to know.

  Samsung Pay Google Pay Apple Pay
Supported Phones Higher-end Samsung phones Android phones with NFC and HCE support iPhone SE, iPhone 6, and later versions
Accepted Locations Works on virtually any payment terminal that allows you to swipe or tap your card including NFC, magnetic stripe or EMV terminals. Works with NFC/contactless terminals in addition to some in-app purchases Works with NFC/contactless terminals in addition to some in-app purchases
(as of June 2016)
U.S., China, South Korea U.S. U.S., Australia, Canada, Singapore, U.K.

Set Up

Setting up your mobile wallet is easy. Simply download the corresponding app from your app store and follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions. Here are links to the set up instructions for each:

Additional security verification may be required at which point, you’ll be asked to contact 1st United at (800) 649-0193.


There are no additional fees to use Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay with your 1st United debit and credit cards.


Rather than storing card numbers on your phone, all three apps tokenize your cards, making payments secure. Additionally, your Touch ID fingerprint or PIN is required for payment. For these reasons and others, if your phone is lost or stolen, your card data should be secure.

Give It a Try

Mobile wallets continue to make the purchase process easier and easier as the technology evolves. But if you are not tech-savvy, you might be unsure how to get started or may need help getting your mobile wallet set up. We are happy to help our 1st United members – please feel free to visit a branch or call our Member Contact Center at (800) 649-0193 for assistance or check out our how-to video below.

Mobile Wallet screenshot