October 17, 2017

We understand that the recent Equifax data breach may be concerning to our members. The security of your accounts and information is our top priority. Here are steps you can take to protect your accounts.

Check To See If You Are Impacted

Equifax has set up a dedicated website at equifaxsecurity2017.com where you can check to see if were potentially impacted. They also have a dedicated support team that can be reached at (866) 447-7559, seven days a week from 7 am – 1 am (EST) to answer any questions you may have.

What You Can Do at 1st United
  • Activate your free 1st United alerts – Alerts keep you up-to-date on your 1st United account activity and notify you if we detect suspicious activity.
  • Track your FICO® Score, for free – Your FICO® Score is updated quarterly for the primary member and can be viewed in online banking or on your statement. A sudden drop in your score could be an indicator of an issue.
  • Update your mobile phone number and email address – We can’t contact you about suspicious activity if your information isn’t current. Log in to online banking, and select Settings/Manage Contact Info to check that we have your current information on file.
Additional Steps You Can Take
  • Monitor your credit reports – you can check your credit report once a year for each of the credit bureau agencies at annualcreditreport.comReview your credit report carefully – unexpected information could be an indicator of identity fraud.
  • Enroll in credit monitoring – Equifax is offering one year of free credit monitoring. You can enroll at equifaxsecurity2017.com. Additionally, 1st United offers ongoing credit monitoring starting at $24.95/month. Enroll at 1stunitedcu.org/idtheft.
  • Use alerts and other security benefits on all your accounts, not just 1st United – most financial institutions offer some type of fraud alerts for accounts and cards.  Check with each financial institution on what’s available. This may take some time but it’s worth the effort.
  • Freeze your credit reports – if you have heightened concern about your information, you can freeze each of your credit reports. There could be a charge every time you need to unfreeze them. Details on how to place a freeze along with answers to frequently asked questions can be found on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website.
  • Educate yourself about identity theft and ways to protect your information at consumer.gov/idtheft or check out our recent fraud and security articles.

Having your information compromised does not mean you will become a victim of identity theft. Regular monitoring of all your accounts is the best way to catch issues should they arise. If you find your identity has been used and fraud occurs, you’ll want to file a police report, freeze your credit immediately, and contact us know so we can protect your 1st United accounts.

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