November 30, 2016

If you’ve visited our Berkeley, San Leandro or Oakland Courthouse locations recently, you may have experienced a new way to transact business using our Video Tellers. A Video Teller is essentially an ATM with a teller inside. (Well, not quite inside.) These ATMs allow you to speak with a 1st United Service Specialist by video and the experience is similar to speaking to an in-branch teller.

1st United is excited about our Video Teller technology. Here’s more on how they work and what you can expect.

What is it?

A Video Teller is an ATM that allows you to speak with a service specialist by video chat. The experience is similar to FaceTime or Skype and our Video Tellers are 1st United staff members who sit at our home office in Pleasanton, CA.

How does it work?

Touch the screen and say, “Hello.” The next available Video Teller will be with you momentarily to assist with your transaction. No worries if you aren’t sure what to do – your Video Teller will guide you through the process.

What transactions can I do?

The Video Teller can assist with just about any transaction our in-person tellers perform including:

  • Deposits
  • Cash withdrawals in multiple denominations ($1, $5, $20, and $100 bills)
  • Loan payments
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Bank official check issued to the member (these will be mailed)
  • Questions about card issues
  • Check status on loan application
  • Order checks
  • Order a statement to be mailed
  • Place a stop payment
  • Answer questions
  • And so much more…

What else do I need to know?

A unique feature of the Video Teller is that you can use your driver’s license or other state-issued ID for access if you don’t have your debit card with you. We can also identify you verbally through a series of questions – similar to when you call our Member Contact Center.

Is it secure?

Every Video Teller transaction is recorded for your security. If you would like additional privacy, you will have an option to use a phone handset, type your responses on screen or use your own headset or earphones.

We are very excited about the evolution of our technology and hope you are too. If you are ready to give the Video Teller a try, check it out at our San Leandro and Berkeley branches or at the Oakland Courthouse.