5/5 ARM rates as low as 2.499% APR

If you want a guaranteed low rate and fixed low payments for a 5-year term, a 5/5 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) may be right for you.

Is a 5/5 ARM right for me?

A 5/5 ARM carries a fixed interest rate for the first five years and may adjust every five years thereafter. ARMs offer a lower starting interest rate and, therefore, a lower monthly payment. An ARM may be a good fit if you want to keep payments low the first few years, or if you plan to move or pay off your mortgage in the next five to ten years.

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APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as of December 28, 2020 , are for owner-occupied residences with no cash out and is subject to change without notice. Rates may change daily. please call (800) 649-0193, extension 4925 for today's rate. Actual APR offered may differ depending on credit qualifications. All rates are subject to change without notice. Best rate requires a FICO score of 730 or higher. Rate is fixed for 5 years and is subject to adjustment every five years thereafter. Rate adjustments are based on the 5-year Treasury Bill plus or minus a margin. Per adjustment cap is 2%. Lifetime cap is 6%. Loans available up to $1,000,000.00 and valid up to 80% combined loan-to-value for primary residence and up to 70% financing for rental properties. Full appraisal required and must be paid out of pocket by the borrower. Closing cost are applicable and may be included in the loan amount with the exception of the full appraisal. Properties must be located in California. We do not finance mobile or modular homes. Rates may be higher for 2-4 unit properties.